Compliance Officer (UAE Nationals Only)

Full time EFG Hermes

Job Description

Purpose Execute the brokerage compliance monitoring program and regularly review and update policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance.













1.      Assist the Compliance Manager in maintaining and updating the policies and procedures outlined in the compliance manual.
2.      Monitor the daily activities of the company and its employees to ensure adherence to the internal and external rules and regulations according to the compliance monitoring programme, which should be updated on an ongoing basis.
3.      Assist the Compliance Manager in identifying potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk, and in developing and implementing corrective action plans for resolution of problematic issues.
4.      Liaise with the local regulator and exchange and handle all their requests.
5.      Review KYC and AML documents for new clients and activating accounts on the brokerage system.
6.      Provide reports to the relevant user group on a regular basis.
7.      Conduct AML checks and monitor customer’s transactional behaviour for early detection of any suspicious or unusual activity.
8.      Coordinate the development of the brokerage system with other departments,.e.g. front office, operations and, IT.
9.      Review all trading orders to ensure that all orders were taken according to the market rules.
10.   Offer regular AML and compliance training and advice to all employees.
11.   Handle customers’ complaints.
Job requirements





















1.      Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
2.      2 -4 years’ experience in Securities Brokerage.
3.      Knowledge of the industry’s standards and local regulations (UAE: DIFC and the local regulators)
4.      Able to assess alternative solutions or approaches and make a decision based on the risk involved.
5.      Able to analyse and interpret information.
6.      Able to think independently understand the logical connection between business policies and compliance regulations.
7.      Good critical thinking skills.
8.      Good Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel and Power point).
9.      Excellent communication skills (written, verbal and listening).
10.   Able to build partnerships and work well in teams.
11.   Can identify problems and refer/escalate complex issues to a higher level.
12.   Detail oriented; ensure deliverables are always of a high quality.
13.   Able to work under pressure.
14.   Multi-tasker, with the ability to meet changing deadlines, and to prioritize and handle multiple projects.
15.   Self-motivated and maintains a positive attitude.
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