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Organizations use our platform to promote their culture, values, workplace, employee stories, and career opportunities to attract and hire exceptional UAE National Talent across the seven Emirates.

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Receive applications ONLY from UAE National Talent & grow ONLY UAE National FOLLOWERS

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Employer Testimonials

User-friendly, easy to post jobs & receive relevant applications. My first choice of preference. For me, I am happy with their service and I would confidently say they are now my first choice of preference.

Shurooq Hasan Altaher Senior Emiratization Manager, ABB

I was pleasantly surprised to receive both UAE & Saudi national applicants only. I will certainly recommend this platform and will use it again when we have the requirements.

Adey Zaghab Director - Middle East & Africa, ERUDITUS Executive Education

Received a good number of applicants (especially for the Abu Dhabi based job) but slightly less for the Dubai role, which was surprising. Very happy with quality of candidates & only received Emirati nationals.

Khalid Al-Sada Head of Recruitment and HR Operations, GIB

The campaign went really good as per now, only one non-national applied. All in all, JobsForNationals.com is really great and I would recommend an reuse again if we have more job postings for Nationals coming up."

Midia Mikolai


Increase Employer Page & Job views


Grow ONLY UAE National Followers and convert them into brand ambassadors and team members


Receive applications ONLY from UAE National Talent across the seven Emirates

What we do?

As an Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing platform, we design 'candidate-experience' focused recruitment campaigns, to promote the job skills and core competencies that will attract traffic to the Employers page & career opportunities.

BENEFITS:: Only UAE National Applicants, Only UAE National Followers, Increased views of Employer page & Jobs

How we do it?

We give your prospective candidates a "peek behind the scenes". We believe every individual brings certain qualities and skills to a team and that people can and should love their job and be successful at it and we want to help make that happen.

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Receive applications ONLY from UAE National Talent & grow ONLY UAE National FOLLOWERS

PRO-ACTIVE not Passive

There is a lot that goes on 'behind-the-scenes' that drives results

Premium Video JD

Premium Job Ads

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

Social Media Targeting

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Introducing: PREMIUM MATCH

Go beyond Talent Attraction


We recommend this process for creating a Premium Employer Profile & Showcase Page.

1. Discovery

We gather insights directly from your employees to learn what they value the most about working for your company.

Receive applications ONLY from UAE National Talent & grow ONLY UAE National FOLLOWERS

2. Company Profile

We use those insights to build your company profile that gives both active and passive candidates an authentic, behind-the-scenes look into your work environment, your people, and your culture.

Receive applications ONLY from UAE National Talent & grow ONLY UAE National FOLLOWERS

3. Go Viral

Once we’ve captured your company story, we help you share it everywhere and track performance through our platform.

Receive applications ONLY from UAE National Talent & grow ONLY UAE National FOLLOWERS

4. Hire

With your unique story consistently being showcased in front of top talent, you will attract, hire, and retain the right people for your team.

Receive applications ONLY from UAE National Talent & grow ONLY UAE National FOLLOWERS


Add all your UAE National Employees to your Employer Page


Add unlimited Admins to manage recruitment campaigns


Promote your workplace to attract exceptional UAE National Talent


From Social Media Campaigns, Email, Blog, Pop-Up Video, Company Spotlight, sky's the limit

Why invest in employer branding?

... of Candidates research about the Firms Reputation and Employer Brand before applying
... of Employers say that Employer Brand plays a significant role in their ability to hire talent
... of Candidates would NOT accept a job in a firm with a bad reputation, even if they wouldn't have a job

Key Features

Email alert to upto 1,000 most recently registered UAE National Job Seekers with Company introduction and page URL

Email alert to upto 1,000 most recently registered UAE National Job Seekers with job page URL

Run upto 24 nurture campaigns

Get upto 30 days of company spotlight with redirect to company page

Homepage pop-up video is an effective way to promote your brand and employee value proposition

Get upto 7k company page views 

Get Unlimited Job postings

Add a video JD to increase engagement & retention

Promote transparency and build job seeker expectations from day by showcasing your culture, people workplace and career opportunities. 

How We Do It

Showcase Page

As part of our Premium Employer Branding, show what it's 'really like' to work in your office by promoting your company culture, values, employee testimonials, videos, images, top achievers, and career opportunities.

Employee Reviews

Employee reviews make a huge difference in outside perception. It's a powerful tool to get the message out to the world about 'what's it really like to work in your company'. More importantly, it gives employers the opportunity to promote their EVP to the social networks of their employees.

Audience Targeting

In today's 'social-world', a job posting is not enough to attract exceptional UAE National Talent. It is imperative to drive traffic by reaching out to the target audience. Our social media team has mapped out the UAE National Talent landscape to connect your career opportunities to the target audience based on job requirements like; job location, gender, age, education, qualifications, .... to maximize your ROI.

Receive applications ONLY from UAE National Talent & grow ONLY UAE National FOLLOWERS

Take It Up A Notch

Branding FAQ's

“Branding” is a common term used in the marketing world, but it doesn’t just apply to selling products or services to consumers. In the world of work, your brand is how you attract and retain top talent, humanize your organization, and set your company apart from the rest. Simply put, your employer brand reflects the qualities that make your company a special place to work—and it comes to life in how you and your employees tell your story to create a lasting, positive impression. Your employer brand is more than just your values, mission, and goals. It’s the way people at your company find motivation, work together, communicate, celebrate successes, resolve problems, and even create office traditions.

In today’s recruiting landscape, candidates aren’t just asking if they’re a good fit for a company—they’re considering, “Is the company a good fit for me?” They want to know everything they can about the culture, their colleagues, the office environment, various paths to success, and what their lives will be like if they show up there every day. Often, the decision to choose one company over another (or even apply to one company over another) comes down to how much they understand and relate to an employer brand. Companies that invest in employer branding not only have higher offer acceptance rates, they also enjoy more traffic to their website and career pages, more positive ratings on review sites, and increased employee fulfillment and retention.

The first (and most crucial) step in assessing and strengthening your employer brand is to tap into your internal resources. Ask questions, seek candid opinions, and listen to stories—these will serve as the foundation of your employer brand. Once you’ve defined exactly what makes you stand out from other employers in your industry, it’s time to share that message everywhere. From a video on your career page to recruiting events, your social media accounts to your profile on The Muse, if you clearly and authentically communicate who you are, you’ll be more likely to draw in applicants who know they identify with your culture. And don’t limit your employer brand to what people “expect” from your organization! 

A great way to raise brand awareness, boost your reputation, and attract talent is leveraging your employees to tell your story. While candidates can certainly learn a lot about your organization from your career page, there is no substitute for an employee’s storytelling about their own experiences.

Original content is one of the most effective and engaging ways to tell your culture story. Hearing employees share what gets them out of bed in the morning, the projects they’re passionate about, and favorite company traditions could be the hook that turns passive candidates into future employees.

Employees who love their jobs and want to share it with the world are ideally suited to attract new talent and help your company grow. (Junior and mid-level employees can be especially helpful in providing insight on what’s important to their peers when seeking a new job opportunity.) To facilitate internal referrals, you should regularly provide links to the latest job openings to employees (which makes it easy to copy, paste, and share via social media) so they can tap into their networks and connect with high-quality candidates. Most people wouldn’t recommend someone that they know personally if they aren’t a good culture fit.

Today’s professionals treat the job search the same way they treat a major purchase, and they react to a negative candidate experience as they would to a poor consumer experience. 70%+ candidates report that candidate experience is an indicator of how a potential employer values its people. That means they’re evaluating you as a possible employer at every step—including the period before they start actively looking for a job, when they interact with your organization as customer, client, or casual observer. Once people go into the early consideration stage, the impressions they get from your job description and careers site are key, as is the information they discover online. The foundation of a great candidate experience is effective messaging, and to be effective, it needs to be honest and transparent. Job seekers can smell inauthenticity a mile away. Transparency is one of the top concerns of the National talent.

60+% of candidates report that they’re rarely—or never—notified about the status of their application. Keeping your talent pool updated throughout the recruitment process can help set you apart from the competition. So make a plan for what gets shared when, and determine who’s responsible for sharing it. With the ability to have multiple admins per requisition, responsibilities can be allocated.

Telling a candidate they aren’t progressing to the next stage is a tough part of a recruiter’s job and even harder for the applicant. A rejection will never be good news, but it doesn’t have to discourage an applicant or keep them from applying to other openings. That means giving them the news as soon as you’ve made the decision, no matter where they are in the process. If you can’t offer the job, give them objective feedback so they can walk away with something tangible to improve their chances down the road. At the very least, you have built a relationship and left them with a good feeling about your organization.

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