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Employer FAQ's

Employer sign-up is free for the Basic Employer Branding. Employers can start growing their UAE National followers immediately. Employers only pay when they start promoting their career opportunities since that requires a purchase of a membership plan, Basic or Premium Membership.

There are two Employer Branding options available: BasicPremium.

Basic Employer Branding consists of a company description and one video. (includes follow & review button, contact form, map)

Premium Branding includes full customization as per Employer Branding Guidelines and includes unlimited videos, images, employee testimonials, social media feeds, including any other content to promote the Employee Value Proposition

For more information, please login and navigate to Membership

Premium Employer Branding is designed by the JFN Team based on the Employer Branding Guidelines.

The design and content study involves research into existing content and digital assets from employer’s websites, careers sites and social media channels.

The objectives are:

  1. to select the content which resonates with the target market (National audience)
  2. to centralize and populate only the relevant content to promote the Employers EVP, culture and career opportunities 

At JobsForNationals we help UAE National Talent find amazing workplaces by managing your brand communication and talent attraction while you manage your Talent Acquisition.

We build custom user experiences that promote your EVP, culture, people and UAE National Career opportunities and also pre-screen all your applicants and followers to ensure they are UAE Nationals. 

  1. Receive only UAE National applications
  2. Grow only UAE National followers
  3. Receive inquiries only from UAE Nationals

Job posting triggers the following process:

  1. Job review and activation if in line with our job posting guidelines
  2. Social Media alerts
  3. SEO on Google Jobs & Bing
  4. Email marketing (if optioned)

Jobs can be promoted for up to 90 days. 

No there is no limit to the number of candidates who can apply to your jobs.

Candidate application notifications are sent on email to the Admin / Team Members.

All applications can be reviewed from the Employer dashboard.

Alternatively, if you have Premium Branding, you can upgrade to the ATS Membership where you can receive applications in your ATS by adding the job specific URL to your JFN job postings. 

Yes you can mark the job filled anytime before the 90 days. Alternatively you jobs will close automatically after 90 days.

Yes, with the Premium Membership ATS plans all applications can be redirected to a specific URL i.e. job posting on your ATS. 

Databases get outdated very quickly since most job seekers only update their profile when actively searching for a job. Our objective is to drive fresh “informed” talent to your fresh jobs. Therefore there is no option for a database search.

Yes you can. Just select the “LOGIN” option on the top right corner and click on ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your password.

Yes you can cancel your subscription anytime before the auto renewal. Subscription can be cancelled from the Employer Dashboard > Subscriptions.

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please note this is a professional platform where all services are paid.

The Foundation

Forged upon the foundations of executive recruitment and brand communications weaving technology's might from social media realms to the realm of AI.

Executive Recruitment

Marketing & Branding

Recurring Campaigns


Create targeted campaigns based on Job description persona & focused audiences with precise demographics (gender, location, educational background, ...)

Craft UX's that promotes Employer brand, culture, values and workplace while resonating with the target audience

We are able to send reminders to targeted audience thorough the job campaign while reinforcing your brand

Pre-screen all applicants and followers to ensure the right Job seeker demographics


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