Brand Awareness Campaign

Brand Awareness Campaign


Unlock unprecedented visibility and connect with top-tier UAE National Job Seekers through our comprehensive Brand Awareness Campaign Package.

Tailored to elevate your brand presence and streamline your hiring process, this all-in-one 90 days package includes a range of powerful digital marketing services.

– Comprehensive company profile creation to highlight your culture and values.
– Includes videos, employee testimonials and workplaces images to promote your culture and values
– Publish branded content, such as articles or videos, showcasing your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

– Highlight your commitment to inclusive hiring, especially for People of Determination.
– Promote these initiatives through various digital channels for positive employer branding.

– Post unlimited jobs within the first 30 days of campaign.

– Elevate your job listings to prime positions in search results.
– Showcase featured jobs prominently on the platform’s jobs page.

– Elevate your Employer profile to prime positions in search results.
– Showcase your career page prominently on the platform’s companies page.

– Reach directly into the inboxes of registered UAE National Job Seekers.
– Segment emails based on qualifications and location for maximum relevance.

– Sponsored posts and targeted ads on Instagram.
– Demographic targeting to reach mapped out regions and demographics within the UAE & KSA.

– Prominent ad placements on key pages of our platform.
– Customizable banners to showcase your brand and unique selling points.

– Direct engagement with UAE National Job Seekers in a virtual environment.
– Sponsorship opportunities for maximum visibility during the event.

– Implement SEO strategies to boost the visibility of your job listings in search engine results.

– Detailed insights on the performance of your job listings and digital marketing campaigns.
– Track views, clicks, and applications generated.

– Personalized consultations to optimize your digital marketing strategy.
– Guidance on market trends and continuous support throughout the package duration.

– Communications and outreach campaign with all our Academic Partners for maximise reach

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