Job Posting Guidelines

Here are some of the job posting guidelines that MUST be followed to ensure the success of your recruitment campaigns. These guidelines have been formulated after research with the UAE National Talent.

Advertise for one person per job ad

✗ “Looking to hire 10 Salespeople”
✓ “Looking to hire a Sales Representative”

Job titles must be accurate and only promote one job per job ad.

Add all the qualified applicants to your recruiting pipeline—and hire as many as you need. There’s no limit to the number of hires you can make from a single job advertisement.

When it makes sense, publish different job ads, tweaking the job titles and descriptions. For example, instead of advertising jobs for “Senior Sales Professionals”, create separate job posts for a “Sales Account Executive” and a “Regional Sales Manager”.

Clarify the location of your open job

✗ “Looking to hire an Admin Manager in Dubai or Abu Dhabi”
✓ “Looking to hire an Admin Manager in Dubai”

As our research has shown, job location is a key factor for most UAE Nationals when making career choices. To avoid confusion, be specific or you risk seeing your job ad get rejected.

  • Mention whether the position refers to your headquarters or one of your branches
  • Clarify if it’s a remote job
  • Create different job postings per region when you want to hire employees in various locations

Mention the specific job title of your open position including the specific Nationality

✗ “See our job openings” or “Hiring now”
✓ “Looking for a Senior Account Manager (UAE Nationals Only)”

Candidates search for job opportunities using specific keywords and job titles. In addition, JobForNationals platform makes recommendations to candidates based on their criteria. That’s why job seekers are less likely to click – or even come across – generic job postings.

To get closer to qualified candidates:

  • Create different job ads for different roles, so that job seekers see the one closer to their skills and interests
  • If you’re hosting a job fair or open house event, please contact your account manager for best practices on how we can boost your campaign

Write informative job descriptions – not too long or too short

✗ “We are looking to hire a Marketing Assistant. Please send your resume at [email protected]
✓ “We are looking for a Marketing Assistant who’ll support our advertising campaigns and track web analytics. Your main job duties include A, B, C. To be successful in this role, you should be familiar with [Google Adwords and CRM software.] Our employees include benefits, including X, Y, Z.”

Unlike some other platforms, we don’t have a minimum character limit, make sure you provide candidates with enough details about the position and your company. By setting expectations early on, you’ll attract qualified candidates who are interested in the role.

Also refer to our FREE Resource for detailed job descriptions.

As a rule of thumb, write job descriptions of around 700-800 words to include:

Specific job duties
Must-have requirements
Meaningful benefits you offer
Useful information about your company or teams

Avoid buzzwords or inaccurate job titles

✗ “We are looking for a Rockstar Socializer”
✓ “We are looking for a Events Manager (UAE Nationals Only)”

Realistic, descriptive job titles are more effective, as they’re easily searchable by candidates. When writing your job ads, think of what the role entails and capture this in the title. Here are a few basic job posting guidelines to keep in mind:

  • “Manager” and “Director” indicate the employee will lead a team
  • It’s best to include the department in the job title, like “Marketing assistant” or “Sales representative”
  • Buzzwords, like “unicorn”, “guru” and “ninja” can turn candidates off

Gender diversity

As part of UAE’s drive to promote gender diversity and women in the workforce, use our gender diversity option to state exactly what gender would fit the role best.

Salary Transparency

This was one of the top criteria listed by UAE Nationals during our research. Therefore to run a successful recruitment campaign have a realistic salary range mentioned for every job to be able to attract the right level of talent.