Online Campus Recruitment

Online Campus Recruitment

Campus recruitment can be challenging on multiple levels. Campuses are spread across the country, 'employer-on-campus' drives are too short and there is no guarantee on how many students / graduates will turn up.

Through our multi-institutional approach, we can develop and deploy nurture campaigns to attract the BEST & BRIGHTEST UAE National Talent across the seven Emirates, while ensuring Employers are receiving and growing ONLY UAE National APPLICANTS and FOLLOWERS.

Best for

Medium & Large Companies


4 – 6 Weeks (Campaign Dependent)




As the first step, Employers are required to activate their profile & membership plan to post jobs

Companies on JobsForNationals


We will match your hiring goals with an audience.

Tell us about your graduate recruitment roles and your requirements

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We will connect with the right academic partners across all seven Emirates to start interest generation campaigns*

We know who we’re after—now let’s reach them where data says they spend their time. Every channel is on the table, including digital media, flyers and posters, street teams, and student-run newspapers, radio programs, and social media.

Interest generation campaigns are co-developed with HR, MARCOMS & Line Managers. Multiple campaigns will be run during the program.

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All graduates (applicants) will complete our online competency test

Basic Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability and Analytical Ability of Campus Graduates

Campus students are expected to have a steep learning curve in order to understand the nuances of the new industry, products/services of the company and their businesses. They are expected to perform a certain task in a logical and structured manner along with showcasing excellent reasoning and problem-solving skills. Additionally, they are also expected to possess strong numerical and data analysis skills.

JobsForNationals Aptitude Test for Campus Hiring is specially designed to cater to the level of aptitude that a student will be expected to possess for any kind of job role. The test will help you measure Analytical Ability, Numerical Ability, Verbal Ability and Data Analysis skills of a candidate. Tests can be benchmarked for specific job roles as well for campus hiring. 

Number of Sections: 1

Number of Questions: 35

Test Duration: 40 minutes

Test Language: English

Competencies Measured

Analytical Ability: The ability of an individual to analyse and perceive the given information from different perspectives.

Abstract Reasoning: The ability of a person to quickly identify patterns and the logical rule underlying those patterns to arrive at solutions.

Numerical Ability: The ability to perceive and process numbers and related symbols to perform basic arithmetic operations.

Verbal Ability: The ability to understand word meanings, word relationships and also interpret detailed information.

Data Analysis: The ability to structure observations that are obtained from different data sources.

Sample Report

Online Campus Recruitment 3

Other Optional Testing

Psychometric Tests

Understand personality and behavior at the workplace

Online Campus Recruitment 4

Assess & identify key personality traits that can influence cultural fitment, train ability and job performance.

Measure and identify the key negative traits that impact the safety of employees, customers and work culture as a whole.

Understand what drives and motivates a person to perform at work by measuring motivation, values and preferences.

Measures an individual capacity to think logically and their ability to analyse any given situation and derive logical conclusions.

Aptitude Tests

Evaluate reasoning & problem-solving skills critical to success

Online Campus Recruitment 5

Abstract Reasoning

Spatial Reasoning

Visual Resoning

Language & Comprehension

Logical & Critical Reasoning

Problem Solving

Decision Making & Judgement



Facial Recognition, Device Detection, Multiple People Detection, Detect Distraction Levels

As an option, we can administer and proctor all participants completing your selected assessments

Online Campus Recruitment 6



You will have full access to the candidates application and online assessments

Online Campus Recruitment 7

Compare Campus Wise Hiring Funnels

Correlate Test Scores to on the Job Performance​

Compare Test Performance Across Campuses​

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