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Cheat sheets for your next interview

Interview School is mock-interview software that provides you with up-to-date interview questions and AI-assisted feedback.

Practice makes perfect and you only get one chance to make the right impression. 
Don’t waste your time preparing for questions you’ll never be asked. Interview School preps you on ‘real questions’ from ‘real interviews’.

Interview School Explainer

What does Interview School do?

Normally, whenever you land a job interview, you immediately start scouring the internet looking for some kind of advice to prepare. You often end up on sites like Glassdoor where you’re praying that someone has interviewed for a similar position and was kind enough to list some of the interview questions they received–this is gold. While you might not get the same exact question word for word in your interview, you are now getting a good idea of what they are asking. Is it really technical? Is it behavioral? Was it easy? Knowing things like this gives you a HUGE advantage.

Your own nterview coach

We utilize Artificial Intelligence to help provide feedback for each of your answers. We will score you on things like tone, confidence, and the duration of your answer.

Ever heard of IBM Watson? Yeah, he’s now your new interview coach. Watson is going to tell you whether you sound like a Grinch or a happy person that people are going to want to work with. He’s also going to judge you on other things like confidence–and Watson doesn’t sugarcoat, I mean, he’s a robot.

After you finish one of our interviews, you’ll get your report card. You’re report card is going to take you through each one of your answers and provide you with feedback as well the video clip of your answer. And while you may cringe while watching yourself fumble through an answer, this is the type of thing that is actually going to make you better. Don’t like how you answer was? Take the interview again. Take it as many times until you’re actually proud of the answer you gave. By the time you go into that interview, it’ll all come to you naturally.

Custom interviews & questions

Customize your own interviews using our interview builder. Choose from our question bank or create your own!

If you’re not finding some of the interview questions you were looking for, no sweat. Interview School allows you to build out custom interviews. In our interview builder, you can choose from our extensive question bank or type in your own question. This is great if you want to practice some really in-depth, specific questions and answers.

Mock interviews from real companies

Interview School aggregates interview reviews from around the internet to create the most up-to-date, accurate interviews for each company, position, or industry you’re applying to.

One interview can change your life