UAE National Careers at CUCA

UAE National Careers at CUCA 1

We are looking for UAE National Talent to join our growing team!

about us

CUCA is a part of R Education and Academic Development (READ), it ventured into the education sector in 2012 with the inception of CUCA and advanced its contribution to education with the inauguration of City School in 2017. READ is a subsidiary of R Holding which focuses on education and aims to establish educational institutions within the Northern Emirates that will positively contribute to the advancement of the UAE by producing students of acknowledged quality.​

The College is also one of the few institutions in the GCC that has a membership with the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) – an organization based in Washington DC, which provides students with an opportunity to study abroad at more than 300 universities around the world under its student exchange program. Also, CUCA is a member of AACSB International (AACSB), which connects educators, students, and business to achieve a common goal: improve the quality of business education around the world.

CUCA holds a diverse student and faculty body, with over 50 nationalities represented on campus. The college aims to prepare students for the global market by providing an international, holistic learning experience and environment.

Respect: Moves us to understand and appreciate the contributions of every person in our community and to value diverse perspectives

Excellence: Commits us to challenge ourselves and to make the bestutilization of our capabilities: physically, socially,intellectually, and ethically.

Diversity: Enables us to build a community that respects,welcomes and appreciates differences amongst people.It promotes a positive learning environment whichengages faculty, staff and students.

Motivation: Stimulates and inspires us to push boundaries

Ethics: Bind us to the correct conducts that benefit individuals and the society as a whole

Integrity: Adhere us to the highest standards of values and ethics

Preparedness: Keeps us focused and ready for developments and implementations

Empowerment: Gives us the tools, training, and information needed to continuously improve performance.

Teamwork: Challenges us to work collaboratively and develop a holistic view, as one united team under one mission.

Dedication: Keeps us focused on our values and ensures we reach our goals

  • Raise the quality of teaching and learning, and introduce new academic programs that add value to the UAE higher education sector.
  • Continuously improve institutional effectiveness and quality.
  • Continuously enhance infrastructure, resources and student services.
  • Foster relationships with the UAE community.
  • Become a nationally, regionally and internationally recognized university.
  • Encourage a college-wide research culture.

Welcome to CUCA!

We care about your future, not just your education.

Admissions Open for Fall 2019-2020!

Exchange Program with


You can now continue your final two years of BBA in the United States of America at The University of Michigan – Flint. BBA Degree will be awarded by the University of Michigan- Flint

meet our ALUMNI

Alumni Testimonial: Yasmine Mohamed Asad, Public Relations and Advertising Alumni

Alumni Testimonial: Mustafa Mahmoud Jumaa, Public Relations and Advertising Alumni


All of our academic programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs. The College offers over 19 academic programs in disciplines of Dental Surgery, Pharmacy, Business, Law, Media and Education at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Our programs are offered in English and Arabic. One of our major strengths lies in a strong team of highly qualified, diverse, and dedicated faculty and staff. The College offers top quality education and ensures all academic programs and portfolios remain contemporary, interfaced with the industry, and meets international standards.

Undergraduate Academic Programs Offered

Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Bachelors of Business Administration with majors in:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Information System
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management

Bachelors of Human Resource Management (in Arabic)
Bachelors of Law (in Arabic)
Bachelors in PR and Advertising (in Arabic)

Graduate Academic Programs Offered

Masters of Business Administration with majors in:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Islamic Finance
  • Marketing
  • Total Quality Management

Masters of Law (in Arabic) with majors in:

  • Public Law
  • Private Law

Professional Diploma in Teaching (in Arabic)

Our Premisses

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We are looking for UAE National Talent to join our growing team

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