A Journey of a UAE National Job Seeker

‘A Journey of A UAE National Job Seeker” has been developed to give UAE National Talent a platform to share their career journey, challenges, hardships and successes to motivate other job seekers. Please see the footer, below, if you are interested in sharing your journey.

A Journey of a UAE National Job Seeker 1

By Haifa AlBadr

I was two years into my studies in Business Administration (International Business) when I started my first job at Mubadala, the investment arm of the UAE government. Having graduated I thought what’s the next step for me? It turns out the next thing I wanted to conquer was the world of events . Which I have always enjoyed so much! I soaked up everything I could and decided that I learned a lot from the venue side of things. So how can I push myself further? So then I decided the next challenge should be that of the corporate world. With this in mind I joined AMMROC where I was able to refine my communications and marketing skills that I had picked up over the past years of work.

I left AMMROC to pursue a different side of Marketing and Communications I haven’t tried yet. I am lucky in the way that I still live with my family, as most young Emirati women do. As well as a very supportive family that will not allow me to accept anything less than my dream job.

The question is ‘How do you do that?

Here are the many answers that did NOT work for me:

Applying for job ad on random job sites not exclusive for nationals – I did get some interviews based on this approach but not the right fit for me

Other people’s approach on how to keep busy like to start a sports blog or other subject matter that didn’t include my personal interests.

Turning to jokes instead of directly answering the dreaded question of: So, what do you do?

Watching the new era of Digital Media Stars…..

Wait a minute, that sounds like the new part of marketing and communications I would like to tackle, so I decided to do my certifications in that.

While I was studying it seemed to me although I was and always have been interested in Marketing and Communications that since I have a clean slate, and have the opportunity to do whatever I would like. Why not try aptitude testing as well?

I did some research on the internet on aptitude testing and found something amazing called PRISM brain mapping which uses neuroscience and not personality testing to determine the best career for you.  Fortunately the map reinforced my career choice which I have known and loved since the beginning. I also found the Jobs for Nationals Platform which is a platform especially for UAE nationals. We are all that much closer to landing our dream jobs.

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    • Alyazia - 24 March, 2020

      Thank you Haifa for your openness

      • Haifa Albadr - 1 April, 2020

        Thank you Alyazia . I would love to hear your story, and everyone who would like to share their experiences. This is a great platform to be heard and learn from each other to improve our selves and help our fellow brother and sisters.

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