WEBINAR: Being a Board Member

A Board member is an elected participant on the board of directors of a corporation or the supervisory committee of an organization. The board of directors of a company is defined as the governing body that is tasked with decisions pertaining to the company’s heading. The key decisions for the business body as a whole come from the consensus of the Board.

WEBINAR: Being a Board Member 1

Join us on the webinar where we discuss what it takes to become a board member, its roles, responsibilities, challenges and rewards. 

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19th August 2020

15:00 - 16:00

WEBINAR: Being a Board Member 2
WEBINAR: Being a Board Member 3


    • Fatma Al Qubaisi - 3 August, 2020

      To be or to become one of the board members, you should have full information about what’s UAE nationality needs and you should have an idea of ​​how many percentages of UAE nationals are unemployed. To come up with Solutions to help them.

      • Fatma - 3 August, 2020

        Ineed some ideas

    • Shaima Ahmed - 5 August, 2020

      In my view, is post-graduate career qualification by setting up strong programs as training that earns the required experience for what suits the requirements of institutions or companies.
      Because most institutions and companies require experience.

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