Physical vs Virtual Events 2023

FeaturePhysical EventVirtual Event
Booth Cost$10,000 (average)$1,000
Branding Costs$5,000 (average)Incuded
Travel CostsYNot Applicable
Promotional Material Costs (Flyers, Brochures, ...)YIncluded
Booth Refreshments CostsYNot Applicable
Shipping & Logistics CostsYNot Applicable
People of Determination FriendlyNY
Driving ChallengesYNot Applicable
Traffic ChallengesYNot Applicable
Parking ChallengesYNot Applicable
Carbon NeutralNY
Candidate LimitationCity BasedAcross the Seven Emirates & Overseas including People of Determination
Pre Event EngagementEvent DependentJobs promoted through Email (Exhibitor) & WhatsApp (Sponsor) Campaign
During the Event EngagementBased on Booth VisitorsEmployers promoted through Email (Exhibitor) & WhatsApp (Sponsor) Campaign
Post Event EngagementEvent dependentJobs promotion through Email (Exhibitor) & WhatsApp (Sponsor) Campaign