RESULTS: 63.16% Increase in Applications

Introducing the Power of our FREE Weekly Job Broadcast, an email marketing outreach campaign that goes to 3k registered UAE Nationals: Elevating Brand Recall and Fuelling Job Applications

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, our weekly job broadcast has emerged as a dynamic catalyst for change. We’re thrilled to share that, through our strategically crafted email marketing campaigns, we’ve witnessed a remarkable surge of over 60% in applications from UAE Nationals. This extraordinary growth isn’t just a numerical feat; it signifies the tangible impact our campaigns are making on both brand recall and job application rates.

Our emails serve as a powerful bridge connecting aspiring talent with career opportunities, as well as forging a lasting impression of our brand in the minds of job seekers. The unprecedented increase in applications from UAE Nationals is a testament to the resonance of our message and the effectiveness of our approach. By consistently delivering valuable job opportunities, insights, and relevant content straight to the inboxes of our audience, we have not only heightened brand recall but also inspired action.

At JobsForNationals, we are dedicated to harnessing the potential of email marketing to drive positive change in the recruitment landscape. To include your jobs in our FREE Weekly Job Broadcast, simply activate them before EOB Friday of the week and we will do the rest.

NOTE: Results may vary depending on the brand (organization), remuneration, location, working hours, benefits,...