December 31st Emiratisation Deadline: SME

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) is urging private sector organizations with a workforce of 50 or more employees to accelerate their efforts in meeting the Emiratisation targets before December 31st 2023


They are required to achieve a two percent annual growth rate in the Emiratisation of skilled positions by December 31, aligning with the corresponding Cabinet Resolution. Failure to comply may result in financial contributions.

In a statement released on Monday, the ministry highlighted the availability of the Nafis platform for establishments that are still working towards meeting their Emiratisation requirements. This platform serves as a resource for identifying potential Emirati jobseekers.

MoHRE expressed commendation for those private sector establishments that have successfully achieved their Emiratisation targets. More than 18,000 establishments have met these goals, contributing to a significant and unprecedented surge in the number of citizens securing positions in the private sector. Presently, over 84,000 Emiratis are employed in the private sector, with over 54,000 of them entering this sector in the last two years.

The ministry emphasized the role of its inspection teams in ensuring compliance with Emiratisation policies and decisions. These teams actively identify negative practices, such as counterfeit Emiratisation and attempts to bypass Emiratisation regulations. Legal action will be taken against any establishment found to be in violation of relevant regulations and decisions.

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